5 Easter Basket Gifts for Boys & Girls of All Ages

 If you are tired of gifting the same old chocolate bunnies and Peeps in their Easter baskets, take a look at these 5 Easter Basket stuffers from Classy Chargers.

1. Charger/Cable Set

Easy to order, easy to give.  We have done all of the customizing for you.  All you have to do is choose a pattern and your initial  Each set comes with a matching cable and you can select the one that best works with your device.

2. Monogram Power Bank


Do you have teens whose phones keep dying?  Our compact, travel-size power bank will add more juice to their phone batteries. Great size for a backpack or back pocket, these stylish portable battery chargers can help keep their mobile devices running through the day.  

3. Stack-To-Charge 3-in-1 Cable

This universal cable will be the only one they need to charge their cellphone, headphones and wireless speakers. It is the only cable they will need to take with them when they travel and it is Apple certified so you can rest assured know it is a high quality cable.

4. Sports Themed Chargers

Football, baseball, basketball, soccer and more!  Personalize a sports themed charger and they will never steal your old white charger again.  Plus these are dual chargers and can charge two devices at once. Now that is something we can all cheer for!

5. Tech Kits

Help them keep their charging supplies in one place. This great tech kit includes a personalized charger, personalized power bank, 3-in-1 cable and a multi-pocket tech bag. Trust us, you will want one of these tech kits for yourself as well.